Community Success Stories

New Report: Pilot Project Demonstrates Effectiveness of Wood Stove Changeouts; Nationwide Tax Incentives Proposed

Wood stove changeouts can work in communities and regions of all types and sizes, and the following success stories profile four locations that have effectively implemented programs at the local level.  Since every community faced distinct challenges and opportunities, these case studies examine unique lessons learned in each, and how the program outcomes have helped to shape the Wood Stove Changeout Program.  

A regional changeout in the Great Lakes States was an early success story through a multi-state public awareness campaign that improved both air and water quality.  The program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania helped create the formula for planning and implementation that is now a model for communities.  Libby, Montana showed how a wood stove changeout can benefit a community that is tailor-made in terms of its geography, population and energy use.  In Delta County, Colorado, state funding from an environmental settlement allowed the community to establish a changeout program.  

Many of the approaches and lessons learned in these case studies can be applied in your community as you plan and implement your campaign.

Libby, Montana - Phase I

Click on the image below to view the a video documenting Phase One of the Libby, Montana changeout.

Learn more about Phase II and the final Libby Report by clicking here.

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