Proper Disposal and Recycling of Old Stoves

Disposal and recycling are essential parts of a model changeout program.  When a citizen agrees to do a changeout, she or he must turn in the old stove, which is then disabled so that it cannot be used again.  In order to receive credit for product discounts from manufacturers, retailers are required to submit a tracking form that certifies they have completed the disposal and taken the uncertified stove to a recycler.  Removing the door is the most common method for disabling an uncertified stove.   

A mechanism for stove disposal and recycling should be included in your plan prior to implementation.  This involves identifying at least one recycler that is equipped to process the stoves, as well as an area for retailers to temporarily store disabled stoves until they are picked up by the recycler.  HPBA can also help in the disposal and recycling of old stoves.

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